Thursday, February 7, 2008

[Netlantis] RANX beta

You can try RANX beta, HERE.

The RANX Graph feature is the one to be tested, the rest of the website is simple XHTML and should work on most modern browsers.

For this website, I've used several open-source libraries :
menus (which I've enhanced) : Dynamic Drive CSS Library,
RANX graph drawing library from Walter Zorn
(you may wonder why I've used a javascritp/DHTML lib to draw shapes dynamically... the answer is quite simple... I don't know Flash and I know several hardcore-GNUs who don't have it installed...),
the data for the RANX Graph are in AJAX/JSON format.

There's still a bit of work and optimization to do, but I must admit I like it already :) It's been really interesting working with these technologies that make 2.0 exist (namely, DHTML/CSS, XHTML, AJAX).

Don't hesitate to report bugs you can find.

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