Thursday, April 12, 2012

Asus EEE PadFone

They did it.

If you remember "My IT wishlist for 2012 (part 2 - Webtop/SmartTop)", it looks like engineers at Asus heard me and are now proposing a SmartTop which they called the PadFone :

Nice one guys... make it a 1080p device and you'll be all good :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

[IT] My IT wishlist for 2012 (part 4 - CPL-enabled server PSUs)

Imagine a connection between your favorite server's BMC and the PSUs inside that server...

Now imagine the BMC communicates (if asked to do so) the Serial of the server and the ID of the PSU to the PDU through CPL...

Now you get the idea, automated server inventory from the PDU so that you can simply shutdown or reset a server, router, load-balancer or whatever from the PDU (you know when things go really bad and IPMI or console is not an option or simply not working)...

Of course the PDU would be filtering the CPL so that you are not pushing bad harmonics back to the power grid (which is something you will be billed for).

This is the last step for a "content-aware datacenter" :
- network : CDP or LLDP
- hardware : IPMI + more recently... agentless hardware monitoring
- power : intelligent PSU with CPL communication to the PDU (let's call it iPSU)

You could imagine a lot of other things going through iPSU, like being able to control or meter more power-related things in the server.

Now that would be a smart datacenter...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

[MISC] New Car

I love it...