Friday, June 8, 2007

[Thoughts] New sound system @ sysctl labs

I just finished my sound system upgrade, which consisted in getting the new Samson Rubicon 10" sub (mid-end studio monitoring equipment) and two beautiful and really great speakers from Monitor Audio, the RS6.

Here's the whole system :

Even though it's still being running in, it already sounds good and the "Rosenut" RS6' suits better my interior which has red & black for theme.

If you're interested by this setup, here's the components list :
- 1 x Toslink splitter from Velleman (hugh! ... though it's only a switch :))
- 1 x Inter-M (Inkel) R150 Plus
- 1 x Behringer ULTRAMACH PRO SRC 2496
- 1 x Samson Rubicon R10S
- 2 x Monitor Audio Silver RS6
...and it's total price is good for the quality (~1800 euros).

Don't hesitate to give your thoughts on possible improvements to this system :)

The sub + the RS6 replace my Tannoy MX2M's mounted on Atacama Nexus 7 stands, which offered me hours of pleasure and have been sold to a good friend (which tells how much I appreciated these :) ).