Wednesday, September 26, 2007

[Thoughts] From Eudora to Penelope

Saturday was migration day... from Eudora 7 to Eudora 8 (aka Thunderbird + Penelope extension (made by Eudora developers)).

I have to say this wasn't the nicest migration ever...
First, my Outbox was lost during the conversion (~1 GByte of emails) for an unknown reason and I had to re-import it manually with a converter written in Python.

Then, I have to say Penelope is quite far from Eudora at the moment.
There are some nice features, like an huge speed improvement compared to Eudora 7, but all the GUI is crap compared to the existing Eudora 7.

The nice thing is there are tons of add-ons for Thunderbird which will make it look more like Eudora... and some will make it better for specific tasks or parts.

Here's my add-on list with notations :

+ = nice idea but buggy or incomplete implementation
++ = nice
+++ = really useful and well implemented
++++ = should be included into thunderbird

Dictionary Switcher / to switch between French and English : +++
Header Scroll Extension / to limit the size of the full headers panel : ++++
Maximize Message Pane / to open new messages inside thunderbird's main window : + (not quite as cool as Eudora 7 was)
No New Window on Double Click / to avoid the opening of new windows when you double-click on a folder : + (double-click should take us to that folder)
Penelope / Eudora 8 : +
Quote Colors : to colour threads in e-mails : + (nice but sometimes buggy)
Show Address : to show sender and destination e-mails : +++

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