Sunday, July 29, 2007

[Netlantis] Routing Table Geoanalysis

Today is the official launch of my latest (and newest) project, the Routing Table Geoanalysis.

In fact, while I was working on the ASGEO project I received an invitation to participate to a visualization competition, NetSci07, with my (now old) rootzmap project... which I did (though I did not win :)).

This is when came to me the idea of creating Geoanalysis posters... and the Netlantis Routing Table Geoanalysis project was born. Of course, this will be part of the Netlantis project (when it's back), so every peer will have its own RTG poster available for download every month.

ps: Note that the rootzmap project will also be available from Netlantis so peers will be available to generate their own map (which is going to make nice t-shirts for your-favorite-NOG meeting) :)

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